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ColonVita® Advanced

ColonVita® Advanced Supports Your Digestive System with Gentle Herbs

ColonVita® Advanced is a unique clinically proven formula that will gently cleanse and detox your intestinal system with a combination of magnesium, vitamin C, and Citrus bioflavonoids. This special formulation actually releases oxygen into your intestinal tract, which supports healthy tissues and kills off pathogens. It also promotes tissue regeneration and rejuvenation, and digestive health.

Features and Benefits of COLONVITA® ADVANCED

  • Improves your ability to absorb food & nutritional supplements once your colon is clean
  • Detoxifies your bloodstream & your body, and provides gentle cleansing digestive health
  • Gives you powerful antioxidants for fighting free radical damage
  • Gently cleanses and detoxes the colon in as soon as 7 Days with all 100% Natural Safe Nutrients
  • Clinically proven formula

Most other cleanse and detox products are simply laxatives based on psyllium seeds or other harsh herbs; they work by stimulating the quick release of waste, but in the process they put an enormous amount of stress on the body and can actually weaken your colon muscles. On top of that, many cleanse and detox herbs are habit forming-the reason why the label cautions that you only use them for a short amount of time.

By using magnesium and peppermint combined with oxygen created by vitamin C and its important bioflavonoids, ColonVita® Advanced has the ability to cleanse and detox by emptying the colon, reducing built-up gunk stuck on the intestinal walls, and killing harmful bacteria festering in your gut. In fact, ColonVita® Advanced is so safe and so gentle, it is designed to be taken daily to support digestive health.


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